Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a popular online game where players control a tank and battle it out against other tanks in a maze-like arena. The objective is to destroy your opponents before they destroy you. The game is known for its simple, yet addictive gameplay that keeps players engaged for hours.

To start playing, simply choose a game mode: single-player, two-player, or three-player. In single-player mode, you will battle against computer-controlled tanks, while in two-player or three-player mode, you can play with your friends.

Once you've selected your game mode, use the arrow keys to move your tank around the maze and the M button to shoot. Be careful not to get hit by your opponents' bullets or you will lose a life. The game ends when one player remains standing or when the time runs out, and the player with the most kills is declared the winner.

One of the unique features of tank trouble is the ability to customize the gameplay by choosing from various power-ups and weapons that can help you gain an advantage over your opponents. For example, you can pick up a missile power-up that will let you shoot a guided missile at your enemies or a speed boost that will make your tank move faster.

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